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Discover the Newly Opened Wonders of Topkapı Palace’s Harem

Discover the Restored Wonders of Topkapı Palace's Harem and Kuşhane Kitchen

Discover the Restored Wonders of Topkapi Palace’s Harem

Topkapi Palace, a jewel in Istanbul’s historical landscape, has recently unveiled its newly restored Cariyeler Taşlığı (concubines’ quarters). The Turkish bath (hamam) within it, and the Kuşhane Kitchen. These sections offer visitors a unique glimpse into the intricate life of the Ottoman court.

A Journey Through History at the Cariyeler Taşlığı

Located in the palace’s secluded harem section, the Cariyeler Taşlığı showcases the organizational hierarchy of the Ottoman harem, housing the sultan’s family, female servants, concubines, and eunuchs. Built in the mid-16th century. This area includes various chambers previously used by imperial consorts, along with a pantry, laundry room, and bathrooms. For the first time in history, the hamam section, known as one of the oldest structures of the palace, is now open to the public, displaying around 120 artifacts that enhance the visitor experience with scenes from Ottoman life.

Kuşhane Kitchen: A Taste of Ottoman Culinary Tradition

The Kuşhane Kitchen, once exclusively used for serving meals to Ottoman sultans, now allows visitors to explore an array of objects, including bronze and silver pots and silverware. This tour provides an enriching insight into Ottoman food and kitchen culture, helping visitors understand the culinary sophistication of the era.

Topkapı Palace's Harem and Kuşhane Kitchen
Topkapı Palace in Istanbul Inside (Daily Sabah Photo)

Modernization and Preservation Efforts

The Chairman of the National Palaces – Topkapi Palace. Ilhan Kocaman, has emphasized the ongoing commitment to restoring the rest of the palace. This extensive restoration involved international museum curators who played a crucial role in blending traditional elements with modernity. The updated facilities now feature state-of-the-art security, air conditioning, and display systems, ensuring the preservation and protection of this invaluable cultural heritage.

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