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Kizil Goncalar: Must-Watch Turkish Series Exploring Societal Extremes

A Must-Watch Eye Opener for Us All!

Kizil Goncalar: Must-Watch! Kizil Goncalar is a groundbreaking series that delves into the stark contrasts within Turkish society by exploring an ultra-Islamic religious group and an ultra-secular family. The story begins at the intersection of their vastly different worlds, presenting a compelling narrative that reflects the broader societal tensions.

Exploring the Extremes

While the majority of Turkish society finds itself in the middle ground between these extremes, “Kizil Goncalar” focuses on the pure black and pure white, blending them to reveal the complexities of grey. This series uses the metaphor, “like the front and back side of the same paper, we go through life together but never see each other,” to illustrate how these opposing sides are forced to confront and accept one another.

Intriguing Characters and Dynamics

The characters and their dynamics are particularly captivating. The profound and philosophical conversations between psychiatrist Levant and Cuneyd are the highlight of every episode. Their exchanges offer deep insights into the human psyche and societal issues.

The relationship between Zeynep and Cuneyd is especially intriguing. Their profound understanding of each other feels almost soulmate-like, which makes the inappropriate nature of their situation easy to overlook. This complex dynamic adds layers to the narrative, making it even more engaging.

Thought-Provoking Scenario

After watching the first season, it’s clear that the scenario is thoughtfully crafted. Despite minor plot inconsistencies and intrusive advertisements, “Kizil Goncalar” stands out as one of the most thought-provoking Turkish series. Its ability to blend heavy themes with engaging storytelling sets it apart.

Content Warning

“Kizil Goncalar” addresses several heavy themes, including trauma, mental health, religious sects, secularism, feminism, anti-feminism, domestic abuse, and child marriage and abuse. While the series avoids graphic depictions, these themes are central to the story and can be distressing. However, they enhance the overall message, contrasting with other series that use heavy topics merely for shock value.

An Eye Opener for Western Audiences

As a Western European viewer, “Kizil Goncalar” serves as a crucial eye-opener about the dangers of extreme religious ideologies on society. Reports suggest that Turkey wants to ban this series due to its candid portrayal of extreme Islamic practices, highlighting the government’s fear of exposing these truths. This potential ban is alarming and raises important questions about what authorities might be trying to hide.

Hope for Future Seasons

I sincerely hope there will be a second season that continues to reveal these truths without succumbing to governmental pressure. “Kizil Goncalar” is an essential watch for anyone interested in understanding the profound influence of religion on society.

Watch Full Series

For those eager to dive into this captivating series, you can watch the full series on Experience the intense drama and thought-provoking themes that make “Kizil Goncalar” a must-watch.

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