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Nauman Ijaz Expresses Dissatisfaction with Team Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi

The Veteran Actor's Response to Casting Questions

Nauman Ijaz, the most talented Pakistani veteran actor, has been impressing his fans with his brilliant performances throughout his long-standing career. He has starred in notable dramas such as Mayi Ri, Sang E Mah, Sang E Mar Mar, Mera Saeen, Dunk, Dar Si Jati Hai Sila, Raqeeb Se, Ullu Baraey Farokht Nahi, O Rangreza, Dumpukht, Kaisi Teri Khudhharzi, and others. Currently, Nauman Ijaz is earning praise for his excellent performance in the hit drama serial Radd. Additionally, his acting in Mrs & Mr Shamim, released on the Zee Zindagi YouTube channel, is also being acclaimed.

Lately, the actor posted a picture of himself in a funny costume just to entertain his fans. He wore a unique black outfit, once commonly worn by old warriors, sparking curiosity among his fans about his upcoming project. Some asked if he was doing any period play, while many inquired if he was doing Sultan Salahaddin Ayyubi.

This picture initiated a chit-chat session with Nauman Ijaz among fans, and he also replied to multiple questions. A fan of Nauman Ijaz asked, “Are you in Sultan Salahaddin Ayyubi?

Nauman Ijaz responding to a fan's question about his role in Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi on Instagram.

Nauman Ijaz replied, “They don’t want to spend on Pakistani actors..,” indicating his dissatisfaction with the team’s casting decisions.

Nauman Ijaz posing in a black warrior outfit, sparking curiosity among fans about his upcoming projects.

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