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The Epic Journey of Ertugrul Ghazi and the Kayi Tribe

The Rise of Ertugrul Ghazi and the Foundation of the Ottoman Empire

Recounting the life and trials of Kayi Tribe warrior Ertugrul Ghazi

“Resurrection: Ertugrul,” a captivating Turkish historical drama produced by Tekden Film from 2014-2019, transports viewers to the 1200s. The series opens with Ertugrul Ghazi, the future leader of the Kayi tribe, embarking on a hunt with his loyal companions. They soon find themselves rescuing a captive family from the Knights Templar, introducing Halime, who chooses to join the Kayi clan. Her presence stirs tensions within the tribe and beyond, as Ertugrul navigates political and social conflicts while seeking new land for his people.

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Kayi Tribe

Set in Anatolia, modern-day Turkey, the nomadic Kayi tribe of the Oghuz Turks are on a quest to find a place they can call home. Ertugrul, leading his tribe with perseverance, battles adversities and upholds justice, all while maintaining their cultural traditions. His strength and bravery against enemies lay the foundation for the Ottoman Empire, which would eventually rule across three continents for six centuries.

To those who say our power is not enough, we will say our faith is enough. To those who say our lifespan is not enough, we will say our history is enough. To those who say that the universe is not enough, we say God is enough for us.

Ertugrul Gazi

A sequel series titled Kurulus Osman , revolving around the struggle of Ertugrul’s son Osman Ghazi as he grows up to become the founder of the Ottoman Empire, is currently Epic TV Show.

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All five seasons are available for viewing on Netflix.


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