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The Story of Ayla and Sergeant Süleyman: A Heartwarming Tale from the Korean War

The Enduring Legacy of Ayla and Sergeant Süleyman

The Story of Ayla and Sergeant Süleyman: A Heartwarming Tale from the Korean War

Story of Ayla and Sergeant Süleyman: In the harsh winter of 1950, amidst the chaos of the Korean War, a young Turkish soldier named Sergeant Süleyman found a five-year-old Korean girl, alone and frightened. This touching encounter led to a lifelong bond that melted the hearts of millions.

The Korean War and a Chance Encounter

Between 1950 and 1953, the Korean Peninsula endured one of its deadliest conflicts. Amidst this turmoil, the Turkish Brigade was dispatched to support South Korea. It was during a fierce night battle that Sergeant Süleyman discovered the girl, who had lost her family to the war. He named her Ayla, meaning “Halo,” as her face shone under the moonlight when he found her.

A Temporary Haven in a War Zone

Despite the challenging environment of a military camp, Süleyman and his fellow soldiers took Ayla under their care. She quickly learned Turkish and became an integral part of the brigade. For one and a half years, Ayla and Süleyman shared a deep bond, but the war’s end meant a heartbreaking farewell as Süleyman returned to Turkey, and Ayla was placed in an orphanage.

Decades of Separation and a Miraculous Reunion

For nearly 60 years, both Ayla and Süleyman lived with the memory of their time together. Süleyman often wondered about Ayla’s fate, hoping for a miracle. In 2010, thanks to the efforts of a South Korean journalist and the government, they were finally reunited. Their story, filled with love and resilience, captured the hearts of many and was even made into the Turkish film “Ayla: The Daughter of War.”

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The Lasting Legacy of Ayla and Süleyman

Ayla and Süleyman continued to correspond and meet until Süleyman’s passing in 2017. Their bond remained strong, symbolizing the enduring impact of their wartime encounter. Ayla, now a cherished figure in Turkey, represents the deep connection between the two nations forged in the crucible of war.


The story of Ayla and Sergeant Süleyman is a poignant reminder of the enduring power of love and humanity, even in the darkest times. Their tale continues to inspire and touch the hearts of people around the world.

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