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Bella Hadid shows support for Palestine in a Keffiyeh-inspired Cannes look

The half-Palestinian supermodel just stepped out in a statement red and white dress

Bella Hadid Shows Support for Palestine in Keffiyeh-Inspired Dress at Cannes

Bella Hadid made a stunning return to the Cannes Film Festival red carpet earlier this week. Known for her fashion-forward looks, Hadid did not disappoint in her custom Saint Laurent pantyhose ensemble. However, it was her off-duty style that truly caught everyone’s attention. The supermodel was seen in Cannes wearing a striking red and white strapless dress, inspired by the traditional Palestinian Keffiyeh.

Bella Hadid shows support for Palestine in a Keffiyeh-inspired Cannes look
Bella Hadid – Photography Jacopo Raule GC Image via Getty

Hadid, who is half-Palestinian through her father, Mohamed Anwar Hadid, has been vocal about her support for Palestine on social media. In 2022, she made headlines with a post featuring a heart-shaped candy emblazoned with the message “Will you free my Palestine?” She has also participated in marches for Palestine and Gaza, often wearing traditional Keffiyeh attire to show her solidarity.

During her recent appearance at Cannes, Hadid walked the streets wearing the Keffiyeh-inspired dress, capturing the attention of fans and media alike. She shared images of her outfit on social media, captioning them with, “Let Keffiyeh dress the Free Palestine forever.”

photo by Instagram - bellahadid
photo by Instagram – bellahadid

Bella Hadid’s bold fashion choices continue to highlight her commitment to her heritage and her ongoing support for the Palestinian cause.

Source: – by Vogue

Photo ByJacopo Raule

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