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The Epic Tale of “Fetih 1453”: A Cinematic Masterpiece

Discover the Story of Sultan Mehmed II and the Conquest of Constantinople

The Epic Tale of “Fetih 1453”

Fetih 1453 is a bombastic film, with expensive sets, lavish sets, and intricately choreographed fight scenes. In the first few scenes of this, the most expensive and successful Turkish film ever made, we come to understand a few key points. We see that Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II is a mighty swordsman, diplomat, linguist, and strategist, as well as being a crack shot with the bow and arrow (bullseyes every time!). Perhaps more importantly, he is absolutely determined to conquer Constantinople and will stop at nothing until this has been achieved.

The conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks was a turning point in world history and one of the greatest victories achieved by the Ottomans. Yet, it is a period in history that Hollywood has largely ignored, despite being ripe material for a grand historical epic. But with “Fetih 1453,” it seemed that we got something better; the conquest of Constantinople told from the point of view of the Turks themselves.

Mehmet II, a fresh-faced 19-year-old, ascends the throne after the death of his father, Murad II. A young and inexperienced leader, his ability to rule frequently comes into question by those around him. Thus, he immediately sets his sights on Constantinople, the city that has always been the Ottomans’ white whale, and he believes that through its conquest he can prove himself as a leader capable of bringing glory to the Ottoman Empire.

Fetih 1453

The Byzantine Perspective

On the other side of the fence, we have Constantine XI, emperor of the Byzantine Empire. He sits on the throne of the once-great empire, now a shadow of its former self. Despite his city’s near-impenetrable walls, Constantine XI struggles to build alliances with those around him to help repel the Turks. He understands that the Ottomans’ military power far exceeds theirs, and despite feigning arrogant confidence for his people, this is a man that painfully realizes the veracity of the threat heading his way.

Cinematic Excellence

Anyone who has seen one of Turkey’s popular soap operas knows that Turkey is no stranger to lavish period set pieces. Their experience in this field shows, with the film masterfully creating 15th-century Turkey and Constantinople. The film spends a great deal of time explaining the politics and the process behind the siege. We get a good look at the politics and alliances that played a major role in this battle. We also get a glimpse of the military tactics used by the Turks during this battle. The film provides insight not only into Ottoman Turkey’s technical prowess but also the strategies used by the military.

Fetih 1453 – The Battle of Two Empires
Director: Faruk Aksoy

Starring: Devrim Evin, Dilek Serbest

Have you seen this film? If not, you must! “Fetih 1453 (2012)” is available on with English, German, French, and Dutch subtitles.

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