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Türkiye Culture Road Festivals are Coming to Bursa

Türkiye Culture Road Festivals are Coming to Bursa: A Celebration of Culture, History, and Art

Türkiye Culture Road Festivals in Bursa

For the first time this year, Bursa will host the Türkiye Culture Road Festivals from June 1-9. This exciting festival will feature concerts, exhibitions, interviews, and events suitable for all ages. Over 300 events will take place in approximately 40 different locations across Bursa, bringing art lovers together for nine days of cultural celebration.

 Türkiye's Culture Route Festival

Bursa Governor Mahmut Demirtaş, in his speech at the festival promotion meeting at Merinos Atatürk Congress and Culture Center, stated that the 2024 Türkiye Culture Road Festivals will be held in 16 cities by the end of the year. This festival is the largest organization that blends culture, history, and art in a unique and engaging way.

Excitement to Host the Festival in Bursa

Demirtaş expressed his excitement to host this grand festival in Bursa, following Adana and Şanlıurfa. He stated, “The festival will add vitality to the culture and art environment of our ancient Bursa. From concerts to exhibitions, from theater to opera and ballet, we will bring hundreds of events to our citizens, including shows, talks, workshops, children’s activities, and digital arts. Our guests will once again feel that time has stopped in Bursa at the event venues. They will witness the transfer of historical and cultural heritage one by one.”

Selim Terzi, General Manager of Living Heritage and Cultural Activities and Director of Turkey Culture Road Festivals, reminded attendees that this organization started in 2021. Terzi highlighted that five cities are added to the festival program every year, enhancing the visibility of cultural elements for both local and foreign guests and spreading tourism activity throughout the year.

Key Features of the Cultural Road Festival

“The two most important features of the Cultural Road Festival are making these elements in the city more visible for both our local and foreign guests, and ensuring that tourism activity in our cities extends over 12 months. We became a member of the European Festivals Association in terms of its size and prevalence. Brings together our cities with both international events and our cultural and artistic stakeholders and guests. We attach great importance to the unifying power of art and the dynamism it brings to cities. Bursa will also experience a festival where the promise of 7 to 70 is fully realized.”

Accessing the Festival Program on the website “

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